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Demand Letter Service

$185 - Flat Fee

A demand letter is a document formally notifying that you are considering legal action, whether it be a lawsuit or collection. Our demand letter service is a professional, yet persuasive way to let your debtor know you are serious. For a $185 flat fee, we will send our professionally formatted and proven demand letter via e-mail and certified US mail.

Debt Recovery and Account Resolution

Fee Structure -- Percentage base on account type of total amount Recovered.  Zero upfront fees. 

Assigning your sales and administration team to recovering bad debt is not only demoralizing, it is also bad practice. An untrained team charged with making collection calls can damage the reputation of your company. Proper collection takes a certain finesse and knowhow. The team at ZYRS has over 30 years of experience of not only recovering your bad debt, but doing so in a professional and effective manner.

Comprehensive Company Background Reports


The ZYRS Proprietary Database is comprised of financial, transactional, and reputational information. We offer customized and detailed reports that empower you and your company to make informed decisions when working with companies in the cannabis industry. 

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